Monday Presidents Day

The kiddos were home from school today for the holiday. Mr. Incredible made scrambled eggs and cooked up the sausage links that I had pulled out of the fridge on Sunday to defrost. I freeze sausage links in dozens so everyone can eat two sausages each when we use them. That is enough meat and keeps us from eating too much meat. Mr. Incredible added freeze dried mushrooms, freeze dried onions, and a few mixed bell peppers (all freeze dried vegetables). He uses 2 cups of scrambled egg mix every time he makes eggs for breakfast. That makes plenty of eggs. Everyone gets what they want and there are still leftovers.


For lunch I made chicken tacos. I had about 8 hard taco shells in a box in the pantry. So I heated them in the toaster oven to crisp them and warm them up. Then I used one can of chicken that I added the rest of my green tomatillo salsa to, along with some other spices, chili powder, onion powder, and cumin. My good friend Amy had a huge party at her house on Sunday, her daughter is going on a mission to San Antonio, and they had left over cut romaine lettuce. She had a couple of bags and knew it would go to waste so she gave us a bag of it. Yay!


Julz said they would be better with cheese. I wasn’t in the mood to rehydrate cheese. I have its so easy. Imagine milking a cow, skimming the cream, and making cheese that way!


We ate left over vegetable beef soup from Sunday night. I added macaroni noodles to add variety. Also Pagey wanted macaroni and cheese. I haven’t made mac and cheese during this experience yet. I have a lot of macaroni noodles store in my food storage. I love Thrive’s cheese blend. One #10 can makes a lot of¬†macaroni¬†and cheese. Probably 3 cans is a year supply for my family. We could use up a #10 can in 4 months. I have mentioned this cheese before because we sprinkle it on our popcorn too. Its great for au graten potatoes, and a cheese sause for broccoli and cauliflower.

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