Sunday Julz’s Book 1 Recital

This morning I made waffles. I know I have lost count how many times we’ve eaten waffles during the past 3 weeks. These waffles turned out extra yummy today for some reason. I used half whole wheat flour and half white flour. I used the whole egg powder and powder milk. Maybe its the mexican vanilla. Easy breakfast before church. No photo of the waffles.

Some of the kiddos ate bread and butter on the way to church. I took out my frozen sausage links to defrost in the fridge so we could eat those this week. We are winding down. We have 10 more days on our food storage challenge.

Tonight I told everyone that when we go grocery shopping on March 1st everyone can pick out 3 items they have really wanted during the challenge . Pagey says she wants shrimp. Reese says mega stuffed Oreos. Apparently one of his friends at school gave Reese a mega stuffed Oreo at lunch. Gigi says ice cream. I am getting used to living on what we have on hand. What I am anxious to do is buy all of the things we are lacking or have used up during the challenge. I will share those things with you all.

This evening Julz had her book one recital at my sister in laws house. I made french bread, my wheat bread, and two soups. A vegetable beef soup and the mulligatawny soup. I almost caved in last night late when I went to put gas in the car. I couldn’t think of anything sweet to bring for dessert after the recital. So I thought it would be okay to pick something up at the grocery store. But as soon as I decided that no, I was only going to use my food storage ,I remembered the Thrive brownies and macaroons! Perfect. I made both of those and brought a yummy easy treat. When I was mixing up the batter, the kiddos who do eat sugar were putting dibs on licking the bowls and spoons. Ahhh. That’s how you know its a treat when everyone wants to like the spoon. I remember as a child always wanting to lick the beaters from the whipping cream. Because it was such a rare occasion that my mom was baking anything sweet.

The vegetable beef soup was one that I just started throwing things in the pot. I used a beef base with bouillon but just added whatever else I wanted until it tasted good enough.

My mom brought a salad tonight to go with the soups and bread. Aunt Kyla gave us some of her fresh oranges to bring home with us. She has an abundance of them. We also ate apples at Kyla’s too. Yummy fresh fruit and vegetables.

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