A Year Supply of Food for Our Family

I miss blogging about what we are eating everyday from our food storage. I made tortillas tonight. But I mixed it up and did half wheat flour and half white flour. They turned out delish!

Here it is!! A one year supply of food for six of my people.


10 pounds of popcorn

72 pounds of rice

44 pounds of oats

222 pounds of flour (4.5 cups per pound of flour)

180 pounds of pasta


12 #10 can of Instant Milk

3 #10 can of non instant dry milk

9 #10 cans scrambled egg mix

2 #10 cans whole egg powder

15 #10 cans of Thrive freeze dried cheese


12 #10 cans freeze dried onions

6 #10 can of each of the following freeze dried vegetables

cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, peas, zucchini, celery, tomato dices, green beans

2 #10 cans Dehydrated carrots

8 # 10 cans of potato beads

2 #10 cans Tomato Powder

12 #10 cans of freeze dried corn or 72 cans of canned corn

54 cans of tomato dices


120 #10 cans of freeze dried fruit, any combination. Favorites are listed below

Fuji Apples


Peach slices







Meat and Beans

6 #10 cans of freeze dried sausage crumbles

12 #10 cans of ground beef

132  pints of canned chicken (my home canned chicken) 66 pounds of fresh chicken
I need to acquire a lot more pint jars for my canned chicken

84 cans of beef chunks (14.4 ounces)

3 #10 cans  Pinto beans

12 #10 cans Black beans

1 #10 can White beans

3 #10 cans Lentils

24 cans of Refried beans (15 ounce)

Cream of …

Chicken soup 60 cans

Mushroom soup 36 cans


60 pounds of butter

36 quarts of oil or 9 gallons


36 pounds of raw honey

6 quarts of maple syrup

1 gallon of agave nectar

96 pounds of sugar

Thrive Express

6 Variety Packs

Extras to add:

24 #10 cans of drink mixes

6 #10 cans brownie mix

6 #10 cans of macaroon mix

8 pounds of salt

2 pounds of sprouting seeds like alfafa

25 cans of coconut milk 15 ounce

1 case of 24 shelf stable whipping cream 8 ounce

Extracts: vanilla, almond, lemon, maple

12 pounds of mixed nuts and seeds

1 brick of yeast

24 pound chocolate chips

25 cans tuna fish

6–64 ounce containers of peanut butter

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