Pancakes and Cookies and Chili, Oh my!

I have planned 15 breakfasts, okay planned it not the right word. I brainstormed with my family 15 breakfasts ideas we can make two times each while we are on our food storage challenge. The challenge, within this challenge, is time. Everything takes longer when dealing with dry goods, like beans, and whole grains that need to be ground up or soaked. My Reese said tonight, “if dinner takes 6 hours to cook, I am done with this food storage thing!” I was making chili with dry beans. I did the quick soak this morning around 11 a.m. The beans soaked for a solid 4 hours or longer. I forgot how long dry beans take to become soft and yummy to eat. I soaked three cups of beans, some for chili and the others to make refried beans later this week. Half of me is thinking ahead, while the other half of me is playing catch-up.

Homemade Tortillas

I was having major anxiety today about living on my home store. My fridge and stand-bys are dwindling quickly, crackers, frozen fruit, and other quick frozen snack foods. My children were heading home from school and I wanted to have something yummy for them to eat when they got home. My oldest daughter is not eating sugar, so I am always mindful of that. I thought of making pretzels, but I didn’t have enough time. All my kids like tortillas so I thought I would give it a shot.

30 Day Food Storage Challenge

FridgeI had been contemplating living on my home store for 30 days since last October. With the holidays around the corner I thought better of the idea. I considered January to do this challenge but with a vacation planned to Florida and then babysitting my nephew for a week after, January was shot. Plus my son has a birthday in January and I didn’t want him to have to have a food storage birthday cake. (Which would have been awesome, of course!) Holidays are over, vacation was wonderful, my sweet little nephew is back with his mom and dad, and my son is now 9 years old! I am out of excuses of why I can’t live on my home store for 30 days.