Pancakes, Tacos, Bagels & Pretzels

We are not starving by any means. But Gigi did have a little melt down about not having oranges, apples, or anything she could fix by herself. I understand it’s hard, especially when I am not a very scheduled food eater. I can eat a lot at 9:30am and then not think about food until 3:30pm. That has worked before since there were things available my kiddos could just grab and eat when they felt hungry. This experience of planning and cooking 3 meals a day is certainly an adjustment for us all.

This morning was pancakes on the outside grill. Both of our syrups are running low, Mrs. Butterworth’s high fructose corn syrup and the 100% pure maple syrup. I think to remedy the syrup situation for a longer term supply, I am going to purchase real maple flavoring. Then I can flavor whatever sweetener I have stored, honey, agave, or sugar made into a syrup. I also had a batch of naturally leavened brown rice waffles ready to mix up. They are so good to me. I ate those instead of pancakes. I also ate a waffle at lunch time too. My. My.


For lunch I warmed up the left over chili Thrive Express I made on Saturday night. Mr. Incredible and I each ate a plate of lettuce, thank you Amy, with the chili on top. Like a taco salad, minus the chips, guacamole, sour cream, salas, and cheese. It was filling and felt good to eat a big plate of greens.IMG_0961

There is an angelic look to my chili salad photo. My body is so happy to be able to eat some fresh greens.

Pagey wanted macaroni and cheese again. I was afraid this was going to happen once I started making mac and cheese. Its fine to eat if a few times a week while we are limited on our choices. But mac and cheese is wreaking havoc on my butter rations. I suppose next time I make mac and cheese I should use olive oil instead of butter and see how it turns out.


The kiddos were hungry after school today. Imagine that. I fixed them left over soup and Julz had lettuce with sunflower seeds and dressing. There was quite a bit of griping after school about our food storage challenge. I don’t want any of you reading this to think that this has been a really easy adjustment for our kids.

For dinner tonight I made black bean and rice tacos with shredded beef. I made tortillas. Its hard to have tacos or burritos without tortillas. We used the last of the very appreciated romaine lettuce. We didn’t even mind that the edges were brown from being cut with a knife. IMG_0965

Julz wanted bagels for tomorrow so she could make a chicken salad sandwich on a bagel for lunch. Reese has been wanting to make pretzels again. Gigi wants grab and eat food. Tonight I made double batch of our bagel recipe then split the dough in half. Half of the dough was turned into bagels and half was twisted into pretzels. Gigi and Reese had fun staying up late and molding the dough.

Reese said, “Mom, we should get some hair nets.” Gigi, “What are hair nets?” Reese, “They keep hair out of the food. Girls should wear them because of their long hair. I would wear one if I had long hair.” He is a cutie. Reese gets it from me.  I am quite particular about how my food is handled.




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