A Year Supply of Food for Our Family

I miss blogging about what we are eating everyday from our food storage. I made tortillas tonight. But I mixed it up and did half wheat flour and half white flour. They turned out delish!

Here it is!! A one year supply of food for six of my people.


10 pounds of popcorn

72 pounds of rice

44 pounds of oats

222 pounds of flour (4.5 cups per pound of flour)

180 pounds of pasta


12 #10 can of Instant Milk

3 #10 can of non instant dry milk

Monthly Totals for a Family of Six

This is the fun part, adding up all the food we ate throughout the month from our food storage. This was one of the main objectives for why I wanted to do this challenge. I wanted to figure out how much food my family would eat in a whole year.

So many preparedness companies offer a year supply of food for one person or more people but has any one actually lived off that package of food for a whole year? I would love to know. I am guessing the packages are created from projections of food to keep you a live. Honestly, having children complain about food around makes me crazy. I might rather die than listen to how terrible cornmeal mush tastes.

Our Empty and Stocked Refrigerator

I wanted to post a photo of what our refrigerator looked like on the last day of our food storage challenge. February 28, 2013



Here is what it looks like today stocked with food. March 1, 2012 Reese ate his whole lobster tonight. I wish I had gotten a picture of him and his big ole lobster.



Pagey has been asking about crepes with ice cream during this past month. Tonight I made them for her after dinner. I love this recipe for crepes. My friend Melissa gave it to me years ago.  I make it with fresh eggs and milk or powder eggs and milk. It fantastic either way!

Being Self Reliant and Resourceful is Empowering

Today was our last day living on our food storage. I know we could continue on this path for longer than 33 days, January 26th- February 28th. We told the kiddos this was the challenge time frame and we did it! Not only does having food stored in my home provide me immense peace of mind but knowing how to use the food to create yummy balanced meals for my family is empowering!  To be resourceful, like making brown sugar syrup, when I ran out of Mrs. Buttersworth  is so satisfying. And the brown sugar syrup is so incredibly yummy. Who knows how long I would have gone without knowing how to make my own breakfast syrup had I not done this challenge? We as humans don’t look for solutions unless we have to. I am so happy to have created this experience to learn these bits of wisdom for myself.

Our Last Day on the Challenge

Today was our last day on our food storage challenge. I was a busy day for me  and not normal. I was setting up and working a Thrive booth at a boutique here in town. Meals today were just whatever was easy.IMG_1039

I had a big bowl of steel cut oats with almond butter. The kiddos have oats too or Chex. I brought with me the left over peanut butter noodles while I worked the booth today. In Pagey’s lunch we packed freeze dried pineapple and tri color rotini with cheese sauce. We ate lots of pasta with butter to get through the day. When you know you are going to have the smorgasbord of the grocery store available to you, you just want to get through the day.

Tamale Pie, Lunch and Homemade syrup

I am going to mix it up tonight and start with dinner. Mr. Incredible suggested I make tamale pie. I have never made one but found a recipe that I had all the ingredients to and thought I would give it a shot. Of course I substituted all the fresh ingredients like onions and green bell peppers for my freeze dried ones. I used tomato powder to make the tomato sauce and pureed a can of tomato dices in the blender so it would be free of tomato chunks. I used freeze dried corn instead of canned corn too. The ground beef? Freeze dried, one cup of ground beef is plenty of meat in our meals. I tripled the amount of chili powder at least. I mixed up the filling and was afraid it tasted too tomatoey. It also made a lot of filling. I added some Colby cheese to the filling. First because the recipe calls for cheese and second to lessen the tomato flavor.