Tuesday: German Pancake Success! and More


I found a better recipe for the German pancake and decided to try it again this morning. And it turned out how I expected. I used my food storage of course. Thrive scrambled egg mix, instant milk, flour, salt. Oh and I blended it in the blender like the recipe says to do. Everyone loved it and ate it up. I made a smoothie again today. 

For lunch I had popcorn. I had made the bowl earlier while the German pancake was cooking, Pagey wanted to eat some. We love to sprinkle the cheese blend over the popped kernels. It turns regular popcorn into cheesy popcorn. Add a bit of salt, no butter we are rationing it. But the oil it was popped in was enough to get the cheese powder to stick. I store 50 pounds of popcorn. I picked it up at Sam’s club for about $20 last summer.

Mr. Incredible ate the left over pasta salad. I added some blue cheese crumbles and sunflower seeds to it for a little more pizazz. I am in love with Thrive freeze dried asparagus. Its wonderful and just like fresh asparagus.


Reese has a field trip tomorrow. I thought I would make the french bread recipe and use half of the dough for a loaf of bread for tomorrow’s breakfast, french toast. And the other half of the dough to make pretzels. Pretzels have been on my mind since the challenge began. Probably because I remember making pretzels when I was 12 almost all by myself. I was so pleased. When the kiddos got home from school they helped me roll out and shape the last of the dough we were turning into pretzels. We boiled them in 4 cups water and 4 tablespoons baking soda until they floated about 30 seconds. Placed the boiled twists on a cookie sheet and baked them for 10 minutes. Julz and I ate them with salt and mustard, everyone else had them with cinnamon and sugar. Yummy and fun afternoon snack. Reese said he likes eating from Thrive because we try new things like pretzels. He is my adventurous one. And he is taking two pretzels in his lunch for his field trip tomorrow.


Mr. Incredible requested beef, bean and cheese burritos tonight. He made the tortilla dough while Julz and I were at viola. When we got home it was ready to roll and cook. We whipped those out. Opened a can of our beef chunks, added 1/2 cup of salsa and some brown sugar. Also used 2 cans of our black beans. Sprinkled on some Thrive freeze dried cheese and they were eaten up. Everyone had at least two and loved them. Mr. Incredible said he could eat those every night for the next 15 days. I have some cans of black beans we used tonight. But I am going to pressure can some dry black beans tomorrow so I can rotate some of the dry beans. Plus they are so much less expensive.

Another day is done. They do go by so fast.

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