Rotating Our 72 Hour Kits

I briefly considered living on this 72-hour pack for 3 days to see what it was like. But thought better of it because I will never do kits this way again. I ordered these kits through a group order thing at Relief Society almost seven years ago! As I was cleaning out my cold storage room I found them and  decided to open them up and let the kiddos have at the contents. These kits were assembled and delivered in these large mylar bags. The contents are written on the outside but I never had seen what the products were until now.


Tonight I made pizza for dinner. The dough was so easy I whipped it together before I ran to cub scouts. When I got home the dough was ready to roll out and bake. I use my ceramic baking sheet and pre heat it in the oven at 425 degrees. I sprinkle the sheet with cornmeal before I set the pizza crust on the ceramic baking sheet. I like to bake the crust without toppings for about 10 minutes first.

A Year Supply of Food for Our Family

I miss blogging about what we are eating everyday from our food storage. I made tortillas tonight. But I mixed it up and did half wheat flour and half white flour. They turned out delish!

Here it is!! A one year supply of food for six of my people.


10 pounds of popcorn

72 pounds of rice

44 pounds of oats

222 pounds of flour (4.5 cups per pound of flour)

180 pounds of pasta


12 #10 can of Instant Milk

3 #10 can of non instant dry milk

Monthly Totals for a Family of Six

This is the fun part, adding up all the food we ate throughout the month from our food storage. This was one of the main objectives for why I wanted to do this challenge. I wanted to figure out how much food my family would eat in a whole year.

So many preparedness companies offer a year supply of food for one person or more people but has any one actually lived off that package of food for a whole year? I would love to know. I am guessing the packages are created from projections of food to keep you a live. Honestly, having children complain about food around makes me crazy. I might rather die than listen to how terrible cornmeal mush tastes.

Our Empty and Stocked Refrigerator

I wanted to post a photo of what our refrigerator looked like on the last day of our food storage challenge. February 28, 2013



Here is what it looks like today stocked with food. March 1, 2012 Reese ate his whole lobster tonight. I wish I had gotten a picture of him and his big ole lobster.



Pagey has been asking about crepes with ice cream during this past month. Tonight I made them for her after dinner. I love this recipe for crepes. My friend Melissa gave it to me years ago.  I make it with fresh eggs and milk or powder eggs and milk. It fantastic either way!