Monthly Totals for a Family of Six

This is the fun part, adding up all the food we ate throughout the month from our food storage. This was one of the main objectives for why I wanted to do this challenge. I wanted to figure out how much food my family would eat in a whole year.

So many preparedness companies offer a year supply of food for one person or more people but has any one actually lived off that package of food for a whole year? I would love to know. I am guessing the packages are created from projections of food to keep you a live. Honestly, having children complain about food around makes me crazy. I might rather die than listen to how terrible cornmeal mush tastes.

Food storage is such an individualized thing. What works for my family is one thing and what works for your family is another thing. But these numbers will hopefully help you get an idea of how much food your family would consume in a month’s time. If you only are a family of 3 divide it by two. If you are a family of 12 multiply the numbers by two.


1 1/3 cups of popcorn

12 cups of rice 6 pounds

10 cups of oats 3.63 pound

83 cups of flour (4.5 cups per pound of flour) 18.444 pounds of flour

15 pounds of pasta


1 #10 can of Instant Milk

1/4 #10 can of non instant dry milk

3/4 #10 can scrambled egg mix

48 whole egg powder

14 cups of Thrive freeze dried cheese


1 #10 can freeze dried onions

1/2 #10 can of each of the following freeze dried vegetables

cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, peas, zucchini, celery,

Dehydrated carrots 1/5 of a #10 can

7 cups of potato beads

Tomato Powder 1/6 of a #10 can

Cans of corn 6

Cans of tomato dices 9

Cans of green beans 5


We opened a lot of fruit during our month challenge. I didn’t want to ration fruit I wanted us to eat what we wanted to see what that would amount to over a months time

We opened and ate all of the following freeze dried fruit in #10 cans.

2 Fuji Apples


2 Peach slices






a pantry can of blackberries

10 and 1/3 can of fruit! Whoa.

Meat and Beans

1/2 #10 can of freeze dried sausage crumbles and 1 #10 can of ground beef

11 pints of canned chicken (my home canned chicken)

7 cans of beef chunks (14.4 ounces)

Pinto beans 2 cups dry

Black beans 6 cups dry

Lentils 2 cups dry

Canned  beans:

3 cans of Black

2 cans of Refried

1 can of White

Cream of …

Chicken soup 5 cans

Mushroom soup 3 cans


5 pounds of butter

3 quarts of oil


1 64 ounce container of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup

4 cups of raw honey

16 ounces of maple syrup

4 ounces of agave nectar

15 cups of sugar

Thrive Express

6 pouches

There it is. A month supply of goods for a family of six, two adults and 4 kiddos.

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