French Toast, California Casserole, Chicken and Rice

I did not pressure can black beans today. But after our meals I realized we need to eat more beans because they stick to a person better than white rice.

I baked a loaf of french bread yesterday intending it for french toast this morning. And it worked. I used 2 fresh eggs and 1 scrambled egg mix egg plus our Rosehill Dairy milk. Sprinkled some cinnamon and vanilla into the mix. I cooked the slices of dipped toast on an extra oily pan so we wouldn’t spread butter on the slices after they were done. I am becoming a nazi about our butter. I should lay off. I really want the butter to last. I will whip up some of my powder butter and see how that is received. IMG_0932

We have used all of our store bought bread out of our freezer. We had about 2 loaves when we began the challenge. I have made my french bread recipe several times now. The fam likes my whole wheat bread I bake too. I just haven’t baked any during the challenge. That will change now.  Did you know that adding vitamin C to your bread make it softer and fluffier? My dear neighbor taught me that a couple months ago and it really works. She said just add a tablet or 2 of ascorbic acid to your wheat while you are grinding it up. So I did and it makes such a difference in the quality and texture of my bread. I am adding vitamin C tablets to my list of supplies to store. My neighbor recommends the cheapest ones you can find. I love that!

Lunch. Pagey wanted California Casserole. The menu is starting to repeat. Its been over 15 days now. So don’t get bored. There will be some de ja vu happening this last half of the month. Its great because with Thrive I can whip up the whole meal in the time it takes to boil the macaroni noodles. I made enough of the CA casserole for the kiddos to eat after school too.

Dinner was chicken, rice and broccoli. We are a 3 cups of rice family. That means I need to cook 3 cups of rice to feed my whole family well. I was lazy and the pot I needed to use, that would fit 3 cups of rice,was dirty and so I only cooked up 2 cups of rice in my smaller pot. That was not enough. It did help me with portion control. How many cups of rice do you need to cook for your family’s rice based dinners?

I have had a packet of Shirley J Universal sauce in my spice cupboard for nearly a year. Tonight I used it for my base on the creamy chicken part. It was good but it did not make enough sauce. I added a pint of chicken, a cup of freeze dried broccoli and 1/4 cup of freeze dried onion. I love Thrive’s freeze dried onions. They smell so good and taste so yummy in everything I add them to. Thrive food is incredible food.


Snacks today: Cinnamon tortillas, I have a package and a half of whole wheat store bought tortillas. Mangos, pomegranate yogurt bites, hmmm. I think that was it.

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