Raspberry Honey Butter/Frosting/Cream Cheese

I am looking for alternatives in my food storage that I can use to spread on bread. This was instigated by the amounts of fresh butter we use and how I do not have the freezer space to store that much butter for my family.

I am storing butter powder. I have used butter powder for cooking applications but not so much for spreading on toast.  I am one of those people who eats bread so I can eat, taste, savor the butter on top. I consulted with my good friend Heather who is also amazing with food storage, check her blog out, to get some advise on the butter powder. I have a play-by-play with photos to show you what I came up with in implementing Heather’s advice.


I rehydrated 1/3 cup raspberries in hot water. I let them sit about 3-5 minutes.


Next I drizzled the water that the raspberries had soaked in over the 1/2 cup butter powder. (Heather had advised me to use the raspberry water to rehydrate the butter powder)


I mixed it with a fork and continued adding raspberry water to the butter powder until it became a spreading consistency.




Then I added some honey. I didn’t measure, about what you see in the bowl.


Heather highly recommended adding powder sugar to the raspberry honey butter. So I did.


Then I stirred in the rehydrated raspberries.


Here is what it looked like.


I spreaded it on a slice of bread and took a bite. Yuk! Very butter powder tasting.


So back in the bowl it goes with a good helping of powder sugar. I would guess two generous tablespoons. Sorry for the lack of measurements. When I was stirring it the second time I felt like I was making frosting.


The powdered sugar turned the honey raspberry butter shiny and thinned it out a bit.


I spread it on another slice of bread and it was much, much better. Nothing like butter. Its more like raspberry flavored cream cheese. That’s how I “sold” it to my kiddos when they came home from school. It is not Julz compliant so she ate her bread with regular butter.


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