What is Mulligatawny?

A dang good dinner! I made some for dessert tonight (its not a dessert, its a soup). We all had a bowl after we had finished up the small first dinner I cooked. Shepard pie and fry bread/scones whatever you call them. I was raised calling yeast dough fried in oil, fry bread. But Mr. Incredible calls pieces of dough fried in oil, scones. Reese called them scones tonight too. I call the pastries you can buy at coffee shops with blueberries and white chocolate chips, scones. Anyway that’s what we ate tonight for dinner. Gigi loved the Shepard pie. I must admit it was good. Mr. Incredible and she finished it off.

photo (4)

That was okay with me because I knew I had mulligatawny soup on the stove. Ummm so delicious!

photo (5)

This mulligatawny has my pressure canned chicken, freeze dried celery and freeze dried onion, some rice, dehydrated apples, and a fresh carrot. I do have a few carrots in my fridge still. They are dying. And some curry powder of course. Make this recipe if you like curry, you will love this!

Our other meals today were scrambled eggs and fried potatoes on the outdoor grill. Mr. Incredible cooked it up. And left over lentil soup. I was so hungry tonight while cooking dinner. I must not have eaten enough calories today. I was feeling weak. But after this flavorful dinner I felt like a new woman.

I am so grateful to have the variety of food stored in my home. I was thinking tonight how difficult it would be to eat food we don’t normally eat or just have dry goods which take a lot of time to prepare. Having the Thrive freeze dried food and the pressure canned chicken and beef have made this experience so much more fun and enjoyable.

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