Chocolate. Store Chocolate!!

chocolate chipsI am not a chocoholic. I enjoy chocolate and sweets. I don’t have to have dessert after every meal or even something sweet. But lately I have been dying for some chocolate. Not brownies, but solid milk or dark chocolate. You can imagine how happy and grateful I was to find some “emergency chocolate” bars in my Shelf Reliance party supplies. Not some but one XL Symphony bar with almonds and toffee chips. I am so happy to have it! I am breaking off a square or two and savoring them. I have shared it with Mr. Incredible but no one else knows about the candy bar, even he doesn’t know where I am hiding it.

Since Julz has been on a no candy/sugar diet she is storing her Halloween candy down in the cold storage. I am leaving that be. The kids had Valentine’s parties on Thursday at school. So they have their own stashes of treats.

Chocolate chips are most definitely on the list to add, 50 pounds, to my food supply. I do have some tootsie rolls and dum dums canned in #10 cans. My sister and I canned  them together over 2 years ago. But I am not opening those during our challenge. Those are for a real emergency.

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