Natural Leavened Waffles, Left Overs, and Broccoli Rice Casserole

Mr Incredible and I went to a natural leaven bread class last year, it was a date I planned. We actually really enjoyed it. Now I have natural leavening and use it for quick breads like waffles and pancakes. The following week was a class about how to make loaves of bread using natural leavening. But we had a conflict. So I never graduated to making loaves of bread with natural leavening.

I love these waffles with real maple syrup and butter. I make them with brown rice flour. Lately, I love to grind my short grain brown rice into flour for these waffles.

I add an egg, honey, olive oil, baking soda, and salt. Mix up the batter and pour them into the waffle iron. Its easy, its yummy. And these waffles seem to satisfy longer than my regular waffles.

There are left-overs from some of the recipes. Can you believe it?! So for lunch we ate the rest of the minestrone soup that we had for dinner on Saturday night. Its nice not having to cook every meal.

For dinner tonight I made the brown rice broccoli chicken casserole. It was a hit. Everyone loved it. Even Reese. There weren’t any tomatoes, sweet¬†potatoes, or zucchini in it. Yay! And there was broccoli, 3 cups of freeze dried broccoli. Oh and brown rice.¬†photo

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