Cupcakes from Food Storage

Apparently Julz and Pagey have been watching too many episodes of Cupcake Wars. All P would talk about today is making cupcakes. So we did. I found a darling blogger who spent countless hours and ingredients searching for the perfect vanilla cupcake. I really admire this in a blogger, because it saves me so much time and hassle. I can just take what she’s done and move forward with a well tested recipe. She did recommend using the highest quality ingredients. And a must have for a good cupcake according to her is cake flour. Well I don’t store cake flour in my food storage. So I found this recipe/modification for cake flour.IMG_0884

Pagey and I had fun making the cupcakes. I used Thrive whole egg powder instead of fresh eggs, and my modified flour. I have mexican vanilla which is divine. My sister in law gave it to me, she’s a dear. Oh and I did not have any cupcake liners (Pagey calls them wrappers) for the pan. So I spray the heck out of it with Kirkland cooking spray.  The cupcake liners have been added to the list of things to store.

As you can see the cupcakes don’t look beautiful but they really tasted good and the texture was pretty good. Some of them stuck to the pan.  It was fun to have a treat ready for my kiddos when they came home from school. Since the cupcakes are not Julz compliant I made her a cheese taco and a sprout sunflower seed salad. You’ll have to wait and see…IMG_0882



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