FAIL German pancake, Scrambled Eggs, Beef Stroganoff

German pancake, FAIL. My sister in Seattle loves German Pancakes. I thought I would give it a try. I used the scrambled egg mix in this recipe. It never really puffed up and was burnt around the edges  I am not sure where I went wrong.IMG_1890

It was very dense. The good news was, since I have never made a German Pancake before my kiddos didn’t know what to expect. Pagey called it a “pancake pie”. I had a piece too. It tasted good, the result just wasn’t what I knew it could be. We all ate it with syrup and butter. Nothing went to waste.


Scrambled Eggs were a hit. Mr Incredible loves scrambled eggs. So he whipped up a batch using the scrambled egg mix. Reese and him ate them all. I am cool with that. I don’t care much for eggs.

The kiddos ate Cup O Noodle for lunch. Does anyone else buy these cases of noodle cups when they are on sale for the case lot, or at Costco? I know it is NOT nutrient dense food. More like nutrient non-existent.  They are quick and easy and cheap. As long as my family doesn’t have them everyday I am good with it.  I ate left over spaghetti from last night. We went to the Young Ambassador performance at the Conference Center’s Little Theater. The whole family enjoyed the performance. Its so fun to get out and do out-of-the-normal activities.

Beef Stroganoff to the rescue.  I needed a quick dinner tonight. Mr. Incredible and I went out with some friends. Mr. Incredible has been wanting to see Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie. We missed it in the first run theaters. I really like paying the cheap theater prices, $2 a ticket! Four of us went to the movies for the price of one at the big theater. The seats are decent and the theaters are clean. Its not the old gross second run theaters. We enjoyed the movie.  This is where I need to confess. I bought movie popcorn and 2 treats! I fell off the wagon.  Well actually Mr. Incredible did and I ate them too. We made a fast dinner for the kiddos but didn’t have time to eat any ourselves. I am not sure if this is really breaking the rules or not. I think it does technically. We are not suppose to eat at restaurants or go grocery shopping during this entire challenge. Movie popcorn and candy? I go to the theater to eat the popcorn. The kiddos loved the beef stroganoff. I used Thrive sour cream powder and freeze dried mushrooms. My canned beef chunks are wonderful. The sauce is done by the time the noodles are through cooking.




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