Scrambled Egg Skillet and Spaghetti

I made an egg scramble this morning. I had 4 potatoes left and shredded two of them for breakfast. I mixed up the equivalent of 5 eggs using the scrambled egg mix. I chose to add mixed bell peppers. I have fallen in love again with Thrive’s mixed bell peppers. They are so good. And a #10 can lasts forever! I also added freeze dried onions, and freeze dried sausage and some freeze dried green chilis. All Thrive of course.

I walked away from the hash browns to help Julz order some photos for a school project. The potatoes burned pretty bad in the center. I cut out the burnt part and the rest was okay. I have no resources to waste. I added the scrambled egg mix and the veggies and the rehydrated and drained meat. I used the left over liquid to deglaze the pan and then dumped in the eggs and veggies. The skillet was excellent. I am slacking on my picture taking. It looked similar to the skillet I cooked last week. This one was not as greasy.

For lunch I made chicken soft tacos with our left over chicken and tortillas from our enchiladas last night. After school Reese had a friend over. Reese’s friend wanted waffles. I swear waffles are our go-to food. We snacked on freeze dried pineapple, and freeze dried fuji apples. Oh we opened a can of freeze dried ice cream sandwiches. Reese really loves them. I really love Thrive freeze dried double chocolate ice cream bars.

photo (2)

Last week I invited my friend Rachel and her family over for dinner for tonight. She has four children and her husband and my husband are in a similar line of work. Rachel brought a yummy guacamole dip, fresh bell peppers and celery sticks. Loved it!

I made spaghetti, a dinner staple. We eat spaghetti all the time. I was amazed when I realized its been 12 days and we have not had spaghetti for dinner yet. Tonight was the night.

We used all Thrive vegetables. This is a recipe Mr. Incredible found in the summer and made a batch using fresh vegetables. Mr. Incredible does not normally cook up recipes in the kitchen. I was thrilled with how well it turned out when he made it this summer. Tonight I asked him to dig out the recipe again so we could make it for our pasta. This time it was even better because the prep time was cut in half since we used all Thrive veggies. Mr. Incredible said, “I like cooking with Thrive.” Marvelous I tell you! I have canned crushed tomatos and tomato sauce  in my food storage. I also used and love the versatility of the Thrive tomato powder. I make it into tomato paste all the time.

I am storing many pounds of Italian organic whole wheat pasta. The sauce  was served on fettucini tonight.


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