Sunday: Pancakes, Chicken Curry and Brownies

Pancakes for breakfast. Used my Thrive whole egg powder and instant milk in the batter. My brother-in-law found these outdoor grills that use propane. Anything and everything we cook on it tastes excellent! I am so glad we bought the grill. We will cook breakfast outside in 18 degree temps. We can make like 14 pancakes at a time! When its Sunday and you want to get to church on time that is a very handy thing. No one has to yell, “I get the first one!”. They still do yell it but everyone gets the first one.


I have had this binder I use for my recipes I am given or find and print from the internet for 10years. Its a mess. It works for me. I think its important to have hard copies of recipes incase you can’t access the interent for some reason. So I keep my tried and true recipes in my binder.IMG_0925

The chicken curry is a tried and true. I have never made it with food storage though until today. I had about a cup of coconut milk in the fridge from my last recipe I made, the chicken mango stir fry. It was just the right amount for my chicken curry.IMG_0927

I used my pressure canned chicken for the curry. I dumped it with the liquid along with all the seasonings the recipe calls for: cumin, garlic, ginger, turmeric  curry powder, and pepper. I also added freeze dried green chilis and freeze dried onions. I stirred it around and then added a can of chicken broth, the coconut milk and the freeze dried tomatoes. I was amazed how the freeze dried tomatoes held their shape. When I use fresh tomatoes they cook down and disintegrate in the curry, so Reese will still eat the curry. With identifiable tomatoes he wasn’t willing to even taste it. Reese ate rice with soy sauce and butter for dinner.


When I was making the curry chicken tonight I thought I was out of curry powder. I have been in a stock up (not stock pile) mode and I added about $100 worth of herbs, spices, and teas to my food storage last June. I purchased the herbs in 1 pound packages. Yes so nearly a life time supply. I love Mountain Rose Herbs, they have high quality products and the prices are a very good value. My mother in law is an herbalist and recommends all of her clients to purchase from Mountain Rose or Star West Botanicals. I have a half of pound of curry powder in my freezer. I store most of my herbs and spices in my freezer or in my cold storage. I want the freshness to last as long as possible.

Who doesn’t love a treat on Sunday night. I got out my Thrive brownie mix and made brownies in a muffin tin. I saw a pan that bakes individual brownie squares so everyone can have an edge piece. I figure a muffin pan would give me the same result but in a circle share rather than a square. Plus I have the muffin tin already!


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