Doughnuts for Breakfast

Doughnuts made out of food storage, of course! I didn’t want to wake up at 5 am on Saturday morning to make doughnuts so last night at 11:00 pm I mixed up a batch of dough and let it rise in the fridge. This morning I was so eager to get rolling and cutting that I didn’t take a photo of the perfectly risen dough. A few months ago I got a hankering for cake doughnuts. Those hankerings seem to always fall on Sunday. So I tried my hand at them. The cake doughnuts turned out terribly. They tasted like rings of white cake soaked in oil. I felt my gall bladder working over time and cursing me for ingesting them. Most of the cake doughnuts went in the trash. These doughnuts on the other hand are yeast doughnuts, way easier for me  to make at home.


Last night these are the ingredients from my food storage that turned into these delightful things the next day.


The recipe makes 26 doughnuts and 26 doughnut holes.


I don’t own a doughnut cutter. My mother in law does. I do own a small bottle of aspirin and a wide mouth canning jar. They worked like champs. I dumped the aspirin in a bowl while I borrowed the bottle’s mouth.


My candy thermometer was so handy to keep temp on the oil. I usually don’t keep temp on my oil when I am frying. But I have learned if I don’t let the oil over heat I can save it and use it again.


These are the doughnut holes just sprinkled with powder sugar.



I could have made this picture so much more presentable except the kiddos were downing the doughnuts so fast I didn’t know if I would get a picture at all. So this is it. Gigi asked if we could make these everyday! No way honey. These are akin to illegal drugs and probably should never be made again. I had 6 myself. These doughnuts were very addicting. This afternoon I was having a fried, white sugar, white flour, doughnut withdrawal. Don’t make these unless you want to start a bad habit.

This was my food storage new venture for today. Last night was gnocchi, and this morning glazed doughnuts.


Mr. Incredible made an egg scramble. When eating from food storage anything goes for any meal of the day. I made taco soup. Our Tostitos are long gone so no chips on top.  But it was dumping snow today so I  thought something warm and chili-like would be cozy. It was. I ate 3 bowls. Plus I still had two quarts of black beans I pressure canned last week. I wanted to make something that called for black beans. Taco soup does. Now I only have one quart to go.



Julz babysat while Mr. Incredible and I went to the rec center to play wally ball with some friends. We never had played before and we had a blast. Julz made some bow tie pasta and heated up a jar of pasta sauce. We have lots of jars of pasta sauce in our cold storage.


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