One Week’s Worth of Food

Its been just over a week since our food storage challenge began. Here is a listing of the foods we have opened or used. Since this was our first week we had more fresh ingredients available to us then we will this week or for the rest of the challenge.

Flour/Grains to keep it simple I am going to tally cups of flour. Unless I am making rice or some other whole grains. I used brown rice flour and a mix of grains for bread or waffels. 2/3 cups popcorn,

Pasta 6 1/2 cups macaroni noodles

Oil  1 3/4 cups oil of corn or olive oil not including the butter

Beans 2 cans refried beans, 1 can of white beans, 2 cups of dry pinto beans

Vegetables we opened a can of freeze dried onions, we used 2 cups of freeze dried zucchini, 1/2 cups of carrots dices (we opened a pantry can of dehydrated carrot dices), 3/4 cup of freeze dried celery, 2 cans of tomato dices, 1 can of corn, 1/2 cup of tomato powder,

Fruits we ate the rest of our big box of oranges, about 15 oranges. We’ve opened a can of fuji apples, and a can of freeze dried red grapes, also a pantry can of peach slices.

Cheese 5 cups freeze dried cheese

Milk 1 cup dry milk powder 1/2 cup instant and 1/2 non instant

Eggs 8 tablespoons powder egg whites, 2 tablespoons whole egg powder, one fresh egg, 1/2 cup scrambled egg mix

Meat 1 cup sausage freeze dried, we opened a can of ground beef used one cup this week, one can of beef chunks.

We have used about a pound of butter

Salt and Bouillon 1/4 cup

Sugar 3.5 cups 

We also used syrup both pure maple and Mrs. Butterworth’s, peanut butter, and about a cup of honey this week. It’s a lot to keep track of. I will strive to be more meticulous this week. I would like to get some accurate numbers so I can have a good idea of what my family would consume in a year’s time.


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