Coconut Mango Chicken

Heather Lorimer is a Platinum Thrive Consultant, a mom of soon-to-be four, and a former home economics teacher. She has a fabulous blog about cooking with her food storage. I have been eyeing the Chicken Mango Stir Fry on her blog for several months now. Tonight I cooked it up with some modifications. Yes I am a modifier.

Rather then telling you the differences between the two recipes. I am simply going to explain what I did for dinner, inspired by Heather.

In the past I have made coconut rice for my family. Both times it was not received well, okay they hated it. Mr. Incredible and I on the other hand love coconut rice. The kiddos prefer just plain rice. Tonight I cooked up the last of the basmati rice I had on hand. I love those long, long grains of basmati rice.

While the rice was steaming. I rehydrated the Thrive Seasoned Chicken in my pyrex 2 cup measuring cup. I filled it with the freeze dried chicken slices then poured boiling hot water to cover the chicken. I covered the  measuring cup  with a plate and let it hang out while I worked on the marinade. Since freeze dried chicken in already cooked it is a bit tricky to marinade. I wanted all the flavor of the marinade so I mixed it up and when the Thrive Seasoned chicken was finished rehydrating in the hot water I let it sit in the marinade for a little while.

I have Nellie and Joe’s key lime juice in my fridge. I have a super Key Lime pie recipe that calls for it. Lime juice is always handy for me. No lime zest though. This is the lime I used in Heather’s marinade.

In a separate dish I put 1 1/2 cups of mangos, the onions and mixed bell peppers. I pour the excess liquid from the chicken on top of the fruit and veggies. Those rehydrated for about five minutes.

In a frying pan I added a bit of olive oil. Poured the chicken and marinade in the pan and stir fried them for a minute or so. Next I added the mangos, peppers and onions. Since I didn’t add the coconut milk to the rice. I added a half a can of full fat coconut milk to the stir fry. I let that simmer for a few minutes. Added some freeze dried cilantro. Done. Served over plain basmati rice. When you eat this dish, food storage is the last thing on your mind. Lucky I store coconut milk in my pantry. Not enough though. Its on the list.

No cheese in this recipe. As I am cooking out of my food storage I realize how much cheese I use in my everyday meals.

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