I Love Left Overs!

Some people don’t like left overs but I love them. It means less time cooking for me. Its like residual food. You make it once and you can keep eating from it time and time again. Up to a point of course.

I am addicted to Downton Abbey. My good friend loaned me season 3, the first three episodes. I was up much later than is good for me last night watching several episodes. This morning I was sluggish about getting breakfast made. So when Julz asked, “what’s for breakfast?”.  I asked her, “do you want quiche, oat bar or waffles?” Three choices!! And we are living on our food storage! I had some natural leavened waffle batter going on my counter from the How To video I made about it, which you can view below. So that was easy to throw together. I used Thrive eggs instead of fresh in the waffles.

Reese, and Mr. Incredible had waffles. Julz, Pagey and I had quiche. Gigi had a bowl of corn Chex. I had a few boxes of cereal in my cold storage room. That is handy stuff to have around. Its on the list to add more of once we’ve finished this challenge.

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