Fruit Oatmeal Bar–Healthy

This is not what I was thinking when I was searching high and low for a recipe. I did want to have a oat bar that Julz could eat, meaning it had none or very little sugar. I found this recipe at Kath Eats and used it.

Nuts. A half cups of walnuts or almonds. Last Christmas in a white elephant gift I got was a bag full of nuts in their shells. After Christmas Mr. Incredible asked if we should just throw them away since we don’t own a nut cracker. I said no, and threw the bag in my “health food” cupboard. I wonder if I am the only one who had a “health food” cupboard. I was raised in Seattle Washington by a hippy granola mom. She is amazing. She cooked from scratch when I was young. No sugar was in our house growing up. She made yogurt, bread and sprouted all sorts of seeds to eat. She birthed her babies at home using certified nurse midwives. And even gave homeschooling a shot. My mom ate to live, she didn’t live to eat. As a child I didn’t eat to live, I lived to eat. If something looked, smelled, or had a weird texture I wasn’t touching it. I can relate to my Reese completely. And I let him live to eat too. The food in my “health food cupboard is stuff like, millet from Eden foods, kombu and wakame (sea vegetables), dry chick peas, raw sunflower seeds, chia seeds, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, raw almond butter, polenta, dates, raisins, and nuts in their shells. I have another cupboard for vitamins and supplements, herb teas, essential oils, conventional and homeopathic medicines.

Aaah, my tangents are so tangenty.



I used raisins, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. The nuts I used were almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. Kath’s recipe includes no sugar. Thats a good thing. Except I could not wrap my head around oats in a recipe with zero sugar. I did sneak 3 tablespoons of brown sugar into this recipe. It still qualified as Julz compliant.


This is the mixture poured into a parchment paper lined pan.



Julz and I both thought these would be better with apricots instead of raisins. I am also thinking freeze dried mangos.  Mr. Incredible is snacking on them and likes them the best out of the fam.

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