Waffles, Minestrone Soup, French Bread

IMG_1817For breakfast this morning I made waffles, an easy no fail meal. Sticky sweet syrup and peanut butter. Its a stick-to-your ribs breakfast. Everyone mostly likes waffles in our family except the oldest, but she ate them too.

Earlier in January I bought a box of oranges, 38 pounds of oranges! The kids and Mr. Incredible love oranges. I don’t care for them myself. It was a fantastic deal, $.38 per pound. We finished the oranges up today. Aaah fresh fruit, we will be seriously craving it I’m sure come March.

Lunch was late. I made minestrone soup from our home store. I am sticking to vegetarian meals this week to see how well they are received. My Reese took one look at the soup, saw¬†zucchini¬†and said, “I am not hungry”. My Julz enjoyed it and my little girls each had a bowl. This recipe makes a huge batch, so I have leftovers for tomorrow.

The french bread is a hit. I am starting to incorporate whole grain flour into the recipe. Tonight I added one cup of whole grain flour and four cups of white (organic) flour.

I turned half the dough into a pizza and half of the dough into a loaf of french bread. It turned out wonderful. I love having freeze dried cheese in my home store. The minestrone soup was best with some cheese sprinkled on top and some fresh ground pepper. I make my pizza sauce with just a regular jar of spaghetti sauce. I thicken the sauce with tomato powder, which is wonderful stuff and lasts forever. I love the versatility of the tomato powder from shelf reliance.



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