Breakfast Scramble and Breads

Growing up, breakfast was my least favorite meal of the day. As I am  getting older I appreciate breakfast foods more. This morning I whipped up an egg scramble. I have a few fresh potatoes in my pantry. I grated 3 or 4 for hash browns. I always use hash browns as my base for a breakfast skillet. The rest of the scramble came from my food storage. Sausage crumbles, onions, and scrambled egg mix. I rehydrated the sausage and onions and added those once the potatoes were crispy. Then added water to a half of cup of the egg mix. This is a high calorie breakfast especially since I use a fourth of a cup of oil to fry the potatoes in. I served this scramble with some salsa in the fridge. Mr. Incredible couldn’t tell the eggs weren’t fresh eggs.

For lunch we had bean and cheese burritos. Its a great stand by and one of Audrey’s favorite foods. She ate one on the way to afternoon kindergarten.  Paige and I each had a burrito too while we studied letters and the sounds they make. I had a pack of whole wheat tortillas in the fridge from ages ago. But they had neever been opened and were still good. I used the rest of the can of refried beans from Wednesday and some of the fresh cheese block. I have about four ounces left of fresh cheddar cheese.

I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon baking. Tonight we had a dinner party to attend. I told the host I would bring french bread. It turned out quite well and was so easy. I am being modest. My Julz said it was the best bread she’s ever eaten. I think this food storage thing is helping. We all ate a loaf after the kids came home from school and I brought the second loaf with us to our dinner party.

I had 3 bananas that desperately needed to be made into banana something. I decided on banana bread. I used some yogurt (which made me think about learning how to make yogurt from this greek plain yogurt so we can have it throughout our challenge) and powder egg whites instead of fresh eggs. I cut back the sugar and ground a mix of whole grains: spelt, hard white wheat and hard red wheat. This is a good time to explain that I have organic unbleached white flour, in a 50 lb bag. Not all of the bag would fit into the 6 gallon bucket I have for it. So I have been working out of the bag to get rid of the left over. Lately Reese has been chanting “the whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead!”. I know whole grains are a better option but I had my reasons of using lots of white flour in my recent recipes. Now the bag is empty and all my remaining organic white flour in tucked away snug in a bucket with a gamma lid. Not too far away.

My fear of cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning is coming true. I have been cooking in and cleaning my kitchen all day! I told Mr. Incredible I may not be leaving my kitchen for a month! The sad part is the kitchen is the only room left to clean as I type this post.

Dinner. We went to the dinner party tonight. Amy made a beautiful spinach salad and lasagna. Julz and I were in salad heaven. Spinach and strawberries and blueberries with chevre and candie walnuts. Delish! I am hoping more friends invite us over for dinner. She even sent us home with some left over lasagna. Amy is such a dear.

Food Storage Used Today:

  • Freeze dried sausage crumbles
  • Freeze dried onions
  • Scrambled egg mix
  • Egg white powder

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