Use Your Food Storage

Food storage is, by its very nature, food that you store for a time when you need it. Unfortunately, its often a few cases of canned goods stuffed in the corner of the garage or basement that provides some semblance of peace of mind (falsely) and there it sits, sometimes for decades and long after its safe to eat. Oh, and by the way, those bags of wheat and rice you have stashed away are not going to cut it if you need to use your food storage. Try and eat just rice for a week. We dare you. So lets go through a few reasons why you should be using your food storage regularly:

  • It allows you to rotate food instead of it sitting past its shelf life and becoming inedible, or worse, dangerous.
  • You learn how to cook with the food you are storing.
  • You quickly find out what you and your family does and does not like. Store more of what you like.
  • Everyone gets used to the food. So if you have to eat it, its not a giant change.

And those are just some of the reasons you should start using your food storage today!

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