I am a salad girl. I love a big green salad with all sorts of fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, a little blue or feta cheese. A light homemade vinaigrette. Unfortunately storing lettuce is difficult if not impossible to do. I was cleaning out my plastic food container drawer when I found a green wire mesh lid for a wide mouth canning jar. This triggered a memory of when I bought a small packet of salad sprout seeds. I had never done anything more with those seeds. Now that I am doing my food storage challenge I dug out the packet of seeds and watched a youtube video on how to sprout seeds.

Salad sprouts seeds

The above pouch of seeds is exactly what I had purchased several months ago.

This is so totally easy. I measured out 4 tablespoons of seeds. Rinsed and drained them. Then covered the seeds with 2 cups of water. Let them sit over night. The next morning I drained the seeds and rinsed them again. I  shook the jar to spread the seeds around a bit. Let them sit on my counter near my kitchen window and sink. I rinsed the seeds again about dinner time.


This is after  about 36 hours



This is what the seeds look like after 48 hours. I am rinsing and draining the seeds two times a day.



This is 72 hours later. Yummy salad sprouts. I just eat them straight from the jar. I love them on turkey sandwiches and on my salads. As you look over our meals we are eating during this challenge its lacking in fresh green vegetables. In the summer it will be much easier to eat out of my food storage because we will have a thriving garden to accompany the beans and breads. In February when there is 2 feet of snow on the ground its nice to be able to sprout seeds. I am definitely going to be storing more seeds to sprout in my food storage. My next batch I am going to sprout only 3 tablespoons instead of 4 and see the results. I have my sprouts stored in my refrigerator with a regular canning lid on the jar.

I am so glad I had those seeds in my “health food cupboard”.

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