Homemade Tortillas

I was having major anxiety today about living on my home store. My fridge and stand-bys are dwindling quickly, crackers, frozen fruit, and other quick frozen snack foods. My children were heading home from school and I wanted to have something yummy for them to eat when they got home. My oldest daughter is not eating sugar, so I am always mindful of that. I thought of making pretzels, but I didn’t have enough time. All my kids like tortillas so I thought I would give it a shot.

The dough was a cinch to whip up. Check out the tortilla recipe here. I didn’t even need to use my mixer. I let the dough rest for about 30 minutes and was rolling out the balls of dough when they walked in the door. My oldest washed her hands and helped me cook the tortillas while I rolled the other balls of dough out. They were easy to roll, I was practicing making them round. Its pretty tricky to get the tortilla evenly round. I still have fresh cheddar cheese in my fridge so we grated that and I heated a can of refried beans. I made bean and cheese burritos for their after school snack and cinnamon tortillas for those who wanted them. It turned out yummy. I guess that was another fear I had with living on my home store, I would make a lot of new recipes and they would be gross or wouldn’t turn out, so no one would eat them. Beans and rice with tortillas is something we can eat that fairly often. But I am going to do better than beans and tortillas.

Three friends came home with my kids after school today and they loved the tortillas too! Here is the recipe for easy, no lard tortillas.

This will be fun!




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